Associate Professor Andrew Luxton-Reilly

Award for Sustained Excellence in Tertiary Teaching

Associate Professor – School of Computer Science, The University of Auckland

“For me, excellent teaching is about sharing my passion for computing, stimulating curiosity and conveying to students why Computer Science matters..."

Andrew ensures people can achieve their absolute best during their studies and beyond, through his gift for sharing the excitement of learning with students and colleagues alike. A former student notes, “Being guided and taught by Andrew has made me believe I can use my education to make a real difference in society.”

Over a 25 year teaching career, Andrew has demonstrated sustained engagement in teaching and learning with considerable innovation. His teaching practice disrupts the common perception of computer-science as gender-blind and unresponsive to social issues. He confronts issues of sexism and racism directly, and demonstrates the real world relationship between computer-science and significant global issues. Andrew inspires students to come out from ‘behind their screens’ and engage through effective design and practice. 

His leadership in the teaching arena is significant. This is demonstrated by his commitment to supporting and enhancing teaching practice at department and disciplinary levels, and underpinned by his generosity for supporting teaching excellence amongst his colleagues. 

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Associate Professor Andrew Luxton-Reilly – Recipient of a 2019 Tertiary Teaching Excellence Award