Associate Professor Kathryn MacCallum

Award for Sustained Excellence in Tertiary Teaching

Associate Professor – School of Computing, Eastern Institute of Technology

“I strongly believe learning should be a shared process in which my role is to facilitate this process and encourage my students in their own learning journeys.”

Kathryn has combined her passions for both technology and learning into a highly effective approach to teaching, whereby her students are active participants in creating an interesting and positive learning experience. This is supported and enhanced by Kathryn’s clear and considered use of industry-relevant and pedagogically-sound technologies. Her learners speak highly of the value of technology to their learning.

Kathryn ensures that learning is related to the students’, as well as industry needs. Her applied approach to both teaching and assessment is appreciated by her students and is demonstrably successful in terms of their outcomes. Comments like “Kathryn’s open and friendly manner made it a lot easier to feel encouraged with the learning process” are common.

Kathryn is, “highly valued as a thought leader… who willingly shares her expertise and insights”. Her contribution has had a major impact on learning and teaching in her organisation and beyond, through her educational research, professional development sessions, publications and contributions to teaching and learning strategy and policy.

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Associate Professor Kathryn MacCallum – Recipient of a 2019 Tertiary Teaching Excellence Award