Dr Masayoshi Ogino

Award for Sustained Excellence in Tertiary Teaching

Lecturer – University of Canterbury College of Arts

“My passion is to help my students explore new ways of thinking about a world of diverse peoples and cultures..."

Based on a strongly-held belief that “Connections created through language and culture can engender empathy, compassion and a better understanding of oneself and others”, Dr Masayoshi Ogino has been teaching Japanese at the University of Canterbury since 2011.

He creates a multi-layered learning environment featuring learner-focused course design and networks his students with groups in the local and internet community. This support of learning intentionally echoes traditional Māori support systems – where more experienced tuākana guide less experienced teina. One student refers to him as a “life changing lecturer” and another describes him as “super helpful, super kind and incredibly understanding.” This is echoed by a colleague – “[He] ensures that students of all levels engage with their learning community.”

His pioneering of the online World Café Forums for Japanese Language Educators, which in 2018 attracted 60 educators from 15 countries, is an achievement for which he has developed an international reputation.

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Dr Masayoshi Ogino – Recipient of a 2019 Tertiary Teaching Excellence Award