Peter Bier

Award for Sustained Excellence in Tertiary Teaching

Professional Teaching Fellow – Department of Engineering Science, The University of Auckland

“Dynamic teachers do more than show and tell. They foster a love for the subject and a life-long love for learning.”

Peter is a dynamic Professional Teaching Fellow who focuses on excellent teaching practice in the Engineering Sciences. He is energetic in his exploration of new ways to improve his teaching. He is student-centric, and works hard to understand where students are at and then helps them move to where they need to be. His passion has been evident throughout his teaching career.

He has facilitated numerous training sessions, workshops and conferences for students and colleagues. Peter’s course design and teaching is always focused on students’ success, their connection to real world stories, practical examples and live demonstrations. One student said, “Being super engaging and energetic throughout lectures was contagious and made me want to learn”. Student feedback is an important loop in his teaching practice. There are numerous examples that illustrate his commitment to students across a range of learning environments, from the university, other cohorts and secondary school.

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Peter Bier – Recipient of a 2019 Tertiary Teaching Excellence Award