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Tū Te Ngana Hau – Breath of Endeavour

A two-year community-driven project that focused on building skills for Māori to complete education and transition into the workplace.


Huakina ngā tatau o tōku whare: Creating a Kaupapa Māori secondary tertiary pathway for Māori Medium students

This project designed, delivered and evaluated the delivery of Mātauranga Māori to Māori students, with content delivered in Te Reo Māori across the subject areas of Health, Education and Social Sciences in a tertiary setting. 

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Te Whaihanga


Te Whaihanga – Preparing students to work with Māori

Empower future generations of professionals (Māori and non-Māori) to effectively work with Māori professionals, iwi representatives, community economic development, and Papakāinga Developers.



SET for work, SET for life, Te Tai Tokerau

This project analysed and reflected on the effectiveness of the SET for Life operational framework, with the goal of developing good practice guidelines to inform and enable change in the connection between the world of work and the world of learning.

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How Māori Distance Students can have a Sense of Belonging

This project aimed to explore the effectiveness of an online mentoring space combining kaupapa Māori and peer mentoring principles to provide culturally relevant support, assess challenges faced by Māori students in distance learning, and evaluate the impact of a cyber-Whare and Kaupapa Māori peer mentoring on their educational experiences and achievements.