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Tū Te Ngana Hau – Breath of Endeavour

A two-year community-driven project that focused on building skills for Māori to complete education and transition into the workplace.


Huakina ngā tatau o tōku whare: Creating a Kaupapa Māori secondary tertiary pathway for Māori Medium students

This project designed, delivered and evaluated the delivery of Mātauranga Māori to Māori students, with content delivered in Te Reo Māori across the subject areas of Health, Education and Social Sciences in a tertiary setting. 

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He mana tō te kupu: Re-engaging Māori with literacy

Presentation at the NCLANA Symposium 2015 by Āneta Hinemihi Rāwiri from Te Wānanga o Raukawa.

AKO 2018 group learning

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Putea Arapiki Ako projects

Information and resources related to embedding literacy and numeracy in unit standards. Covers topics such as embedding literacy and numeracy into Computing Levels 1-3 and into Life Skills unit standards through the application of Māori pedagogies.

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The Ranga Framework/He Raranga Kaupapa

The Ranga Framework, developed by Professor Wiremu Doherty, provides a comprehensive approach to engaging Māori learners. The key idea behind the Ranga Framework is that local context is extremely important in literacy and language learning.