Te Akoranga Ngaio

Professional Learning

Every year we run a wide-ranging professional learning and development programme throughout New Zealand.

The three-part programme offers professional learning and development through workshops -  in-house and public, larger forums and smaller networking events - all focused on raising professional standards across the tertiary sector.

Our goal is to help you develop your knowledge and skills and to improve the way we all work within the tertiary education sector.

We evaluate the impact of our professional development workshops and events on teaching practice, organisation culture, and learner outcomes.

Get in touch to let us know your professional learning needs. We'd love to help out.

Real change in teaching practice and learner outcomes

Ako Aotearoa's professional development programme is designed to help you make changes in your teaching practice.

Our workshops will support you to collect evidence that will demonstrate changes in learner outcomes.

Start your professional learning journey by reading our 'how to' guide on collecting and using evidence - A Tertiary Practitioner's Guide to Collecting Evidence of Learner Benefit

Written by New Zealand educationalist, Anne Alkema, the guide will help you reflect on and better understand your teaching practice.

Read it before attending an Ako Aotearoa workshop, tailored training or networking event.

Qualification development

Ako Aotearoa is the Qualification Developer for most qualifications in the Teacher Education suite that were developed as a result of the recent Review of Qualifications process.

As Qualification Developer (QD), Ako Aotearoa acts as the ‘steward’ or ‘guardian’ of the qualifications that fall under its responsibility.

Find out more about Ako Aotearoa's role in Qualification Development