Te Whaihanga | Critical Incident Analysis Tool Survey

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This Online Survey takes a few minutes to complete. It will help evaluate some of the skills and knowledge professionals need in working with Māori.

The critical incident analysis tool or (CIA) is used in many professional education programmes, from social work to medicine and teaching. It is a framework to help develop the continuously learning reflective practitioner. The framework has been adapted for use by built environment students who are developing the skills of building and sustaining positive working relationships with Māori.


Te Whaihanga – Preparing students to work with Māori

Empower future generations of professionals (Māori and non-Māori) to effectively work with Māori professionals, iwi representatives, community economic development, and Papakāinga Developers.

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Co-funded by

Ako Aotearoa’s
National Project Fund

Partnered with

The University of Auckland

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REPORT Te Whaihanga

Full report

Te Whaihanga | To better prepare built environment professionals to work and engage with Māori

A project report that provides an explanation of critical incident analysis, a strategy for developing reflective practice, and provides a tool for carrying out this analysis with students to deepen their learning.