Resources for Maori Second Chance Learners with a Numeracy and Literacy Focus


Resources for Māori second chance learners with a numeracy and literacy focus

Educational outcomes, Adult and community education, Māori learner success, Literacy and numeracy skills, Supporting learners
Published: 30 November 2015

A resource prepared by Anwyl Minnaar and Peter Howarth-Jarratt.


Project based learning focused on numeracy and literacy skills with Māori second chance learners

A project completed in 2015, undertaken by Matapuna Training Centre, to create two integrated Project Based Learning (PBL) experiences, which included a strong numeracy and literacy focus, that would engage Māori second chance learners.

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Co-funded by

Ako Aotearoa’s
Regional Hub Project Fund

Partnered with

Matapuna Training Centre