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A two-year project to explore student perceptions of the evaluation process and inform the institution and potentially, other tertiary institutions, on how student evaluation systems can be refined to encourage student engagement. A collaboration of Otago Polytechnic and University of Otago.


The key aims of the project are to:

  • identify and describe students' perceptions of student evaluations
  • determine relationships between perceptions of students to providing feedback on their teaching (including the investigation of cultural differences for Maori and Pacific learners)
  • make implications for types and content of resources to support the development of evaluation processes and practices
  • support the role of student evaluations in the ongoing professional development of teaching staff, and their institutions.


A mixed method approach will be used, both qualitative and quantitative, including:

  • a literature review and environmental scan
  • an online questionnaire for students
  • focus groups and workshops.


otago polytechnic

Stuart Terry

Project leader

Otago Polytechnic
university of otago

Dr Sarah Stein

University of Otago
otago polytechnic

Adon Moskal

Otago Polytechnic
university of otago

Fiona Stuart

University of Otago


In progress


$34,000.00 (excl GST)

$10,000.00 Regional Hub Project Fund
$24,000.00 Otago Polytechnic and University of Otago

Key Findings

Key Recommendations