Project Details

The project focuses on developing a digital tool in collaboration with Education Technology Limited, The Tarn Group, and the Tapatoru Team at Ako Aotearoa. The objective is to provide personalised Professional Learning Development (PLD) pathways for educators, emphasising Māori and Pacific cultural capabilities. The tool will leverage Tapatoru content integrated into the Pathways Awarua platform.


The Tapatoru Digital PLD Tool project aims to build a digital platform with a specific focus:

  • Customise Professional Learning Development (PLD) pathways to cater to the unique requirements of educators.
  • Utilise RPL opportunities to acknowledge and enhance educators' existing capabilities.
  • Maximise the capabilities of Pathways Awarua to enhance professional learning and development for educators.


The approach engages a collaborative effort, bringing together expertise from education, technology development, and user experience specialists. This approach encompasses thorough analysis, seamless integration of technology, and strategic utilisation of Tapatoru content. Iterative feedback loops will be instrumental in refining the tool, ensuring it is user-friendly and adaptable.


Ako Aotearoa and the project team have completed twenty-eight modules, including content on Pacific Cultural Centredness, Māori cultural capability, Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN), and neurodiversity. The self-directed Tapatoru Educator Pathway on Pathways Awarua supports the facilitated Tapatoru sessions. The tool provides a high-quality programme, as it provides professional development that is targeted to people’s individual needs. It offers flexible options for engagement, including self-directed and facilitated, and provides guidance around further learning opportunities. It also helps the recognise educators’ existing expertise. Keeping in mind that the ākonga of Tapatoru is the educators Ako Aotearoa works with, Tapatoru is able to produce maximum learning for the educators, and therefore their learners will benefit.


Education Technology Ltd logo

Gill Thomas

Project Leader

Education Technology Ltd
The Tarn Group

Philip Schlup

Lead Programmer

The Tarn Group
Ako Aotearoa Michael Grawe

Michael Grawe

Project Co-Leader

Independent researcher
AKO Staff Profile Annette Tofaeono

Annette Tofaeono

Ako Aotearoa
ako staff profile Graeme Smith

Graeme Smith

Project Co-Leader

Independent researcher




$92,040.00 (excl GST)

$7,950.00 The Tarn Group
$5,520.00 Education Technology Ltd
$78,570.00 Ako Aotearoa


  • Tailored Approach for Educators:
    The project focuses on personalised Professional Learning Development (PLD) pathways, catering to the specific needs of educators for more effective professional development.
  • Smart Use of Pathways Awarua:
    By making the most of Pathways Awarua, the project ensures a seamless experience for educators, tapping into an established platform for maximum impact.
  • Cultural Competence Emphasis:
    The project aims to boost cultural competence among educators by placing a special emphasis on Māori and Pacific cultural capabilities, aligning with diverse learner backgrounds.
  • Proactive Impact Measurement:
    Recognising the importance of measuring outcomes, the project plans to use website analytics and impact evaluation surveys to stay ahead of its success and make necessary adjustments.
  • Efficient Content Dissemination:
    Acknowledging a manual delivery process, the project sees an opportunity to scale up and automate Tapatoru content delivery, ensuring a cost-effective strategy.
  • Inclusive Consultation:
    Involving educators with Tapatoru Award experience in the consultation process ensures that the tool is shaped by the direct input of those it impacts.
  • Strategic Risk Management:
    Anticipating potential risks, the project outlines smart strategies such as additional tutelage and programmatically disabling bad links to proactively manage challenges.
  • Future-Ready Adaptability:
    Planning for the expected Pathways Awarua platform upgrade, the project ensures long-term adaptability, seamlessly integrating enhancements with the upgraded system.
  • Phased Evaluation for Continuous Improvement:
    The project adopts a phased approach to evaluation, using short-term and medium-term indicators to refine its strategies based on evolving needs.
  • Community Integration for Greater Reach:
    Leveraging Ako Aotearoa networks and integrating within Pathways Awarua allows the project to tap into existing communities, ensuring a wider reach and increased adoption among educators.


  • Access to Tailored PLD Programs:
    Educators will have access to a personalised PLD program designed specifically to meet their individual needs. This will enable a more targeted and effective approach to professional development.
  • Enhanced Tool Accessibility:
    The tool aims to provide greater ease of access and usability for both organisations and educators. This will facilitate seamless interaction with the platform, contributing to a more user-friendly experience.
  • Increased Uptake of PLD Opportunities:
    The project expects a higher uptake of PLD opportunities as a result of the tailored approach. Educators and organisations are anticipated to engage more actively with the tool, leading to increased participation in professional development activities.
  • Downstream Change of Practice and Knowledge:
    The project envisions a cascading effect of positive change in both individual educators and organisations. As educators engage with tailored PLD programs, it is anticipated that there will be tangible downstream changes in practices and knowledge across the educational landscape.


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