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This collaborative project aims to develop and evaluate strategies which will maximise the impact of Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET) data in teaching and learning.


The project aims to:

  • Define, refine and evaluate "the SET process" such that it maximises the potential within SET data.
  • Develop resources and strategies which build a growing awareness for learners on the role of SETs.
  • Develop resources and strategies which empower and equip learners to contribute to evidence-informed teaching.
  • Develop resources and strategies which enable tertiary educators to better access the 'gifts of insight' learners provide within SET data.
  • Make such resources, insights and understandings accessible and relevant to tertiary educators and learners across a range of tertiary contexts and disciplines.




Dr Beverley Norsworthy

Project Leader

Bethlehem Tertiary Institute

Dr Marion Sanders

Bethlehem Tertiary Institute

Dr Andrew Butcher

Bethlehem Tertiary Institute

Sonia Bernard

Bethlehem Tertiary Institute
laidlaw college

Christina Partridge

Laidlaw College
laidlaw college

Jonathon Hoskin

Laidlaw College
vision college

Simon Moetara

Vision College
faith college

Vicky Turner

Faith Bible College


In progress


$46,000.00 (excl GST)

$23,000.00 National Project Fund
$23,000.00 Bethlehem Tertiary Institute and Laidlaw College

Key Findings

Key Recommendations