Read about the Capability Building Model underpinning the Manako Programme, meet the team, and find out more about pathways to capability building.

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The Manako team

The Manako team is responsible for Ako Aotearoa's language, literacy, numeracy and cultural capability programme for people who work with adult learners.

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Our Capability Building Model

Our model aims to bring together all the elements needed for improving educator capability in adult language, literacy, numeracy and cultural capability.

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About the Manako programme

Manako builds on the work of the National Centre of Literacy and Numeracy for Adults and He Taunga Waka. Find out more about our plans for the future.

More from Manako

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Manako Communities of Practice

Join our Manako and Neurodiversity Communities of Practice for tips, resources, research, news and updates.

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A whole-organisation, reflective practice approach to capability building.

Library of Congress Literacy Award Winner 2023 - Successful practices honoree

Success Story

Success for Ako Aotearoa in 2023 Library of Congress Literacy Awards

The Library of Congress in the United States has selected Ako Aotearoa, the National Centre for Tertiary Teaching Excellence, as an honouree in their 2023 Literacy Awards.