Literacy and Numeracy

7 pt

Introduction to adult literacy, numeracy and cultural capability

Learn more about New Zealand’s literacy and numeracy infrastructure and how to apply this to your own work and context. 

2 pt

Literacy and Numeracy for Adults Assessment Tool

This course presents an introduction to the National Literacy and Numeracy Assessment Tool and the related Learning Progressions framework.

NZIS 113

Essentials: The what, how and why of teaching reading comprehension

Explore effective reading strategies to transform your learners from passive to active readers.

AKO workplace LLN 2 pt

Workplace Language, Literacy and Numeracy | Developing professional practice

This course will equip workplace LLN tutors with the skills to identify priority learning areas, use assessment results, and design targeted instruction. It covers both literacy and numeracy provision and includes a range of instructional approaches, activities and resources to support ongoing innovation.

4 pt

Numeracy Toolbox | Developing learners’ fractions, decimals, percentages and proportional thinking

Designed to make hard stuff easy, this course will boost your confidence and ability to teach numeracy to anyone.

6 pt

Reading Toolbox | Teaching learners with dyslexia

Learn how to teach learners with dyslexia and other reading difficulties the strategies they need to improve their reading and writing. 

Numeracy 3 pt

Numeracy Toolbox | Developing number skills

Develop your learners’ numeracy skills within existing foundation-level programmes. 

Numeracy 4 pt

Developing statistical and measurement skills

This course supports educators to develop learners’ numeracy skills within foundation-level programmes. 

10 pt

Workplace Language, Literacy and Numeracy | Extending professional practice

Develop assessment and planning processes, and a range of instructional approaches, activities and resources. 


WordWise | All you need to know about teaching decoding and spelling

Discover the interplay between decoding and spelling and learn how they can be taught at the same time. 

Dyslexia pull through image

An introduction to Dyslexia | Supporting learners to achieve their potential

Develop your skills and knowledge to recognise and support tertiary learners with dyslexia and other learning differences to achieve their potential.  

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