Teaching practice/strategies

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PLD developing practices

Developing practices for new tertiary teachers

Learn how to facilitate learning, introduce co-operative and inquiry-based learning and explore new practices relevant to your subject and context to create interesting and engaging teaching delivery.

ITO numeracy PLD

Linking Theory and Practice for Effective Student-centred Teaching 

Learn to link teaching and learning theory to practice: consider the key theories and current understandings about adult learning and then apply these to create interesting and engaging teaching delivery.

problem based learning PLD

Problem-based learning | Creating student-led activities for work-ready outcomes

Learn about problem-based learning: an approach designed to help students develop effective problem solving skills, self-directed learning, effective collaboration skills and intrinsic motivation.

under 25 learners

Improving outcomes for under 25-year-old learners

Examine how to improve learning and teaching experiences for under-25 learners. Explore an evidence-based model for professional development decision-making and an exciting new range of related resources.

dyslexia PLD

Supporting adults with dyslexia in tertiary education and training: an introduction

Get hands on exposure to the latest dyslexia screening tools; examine the additional challenges that learners face beyond phonological decoding and find out the latest thinking on Positive Dyslexia and some of the new technological aids.

collecting evidence of learner benefit mc

The process of collecting evidence of learner Benefit

Get practical information on the importance of evidence-based education and how to integrate evidence collection into day-to-day practice. Clarify the practices that work best for learners and learn how to use professional, reflective practice.

PLD student engagement

Co-operative learning | A teacher’s guide to working with groups

Discover the essential elements of effective group work through practical exercises. Consider assessment design, assessment methods and effective monitoring of groups to promote participation, accountability and fair outcomes for students.

reflective practice PLD

Thoughtful teaching | Using reflective practice tools for enhancing teaching, learning and professional development

Examine the purpose, benefits, methods and skills of reflective practice. Explore key concepts and models of reflective practice and how to use or adapt them to another context. Experience reflective practice first-hand.


Vocational education PLD

Enhancing teaching and learning in vocational education

Explore recent Ako Aotearoa-funded vocational education projects that resulted in changes in practice, leading to increased benefits for learners. Take part in group discussions on the frameworks and findings presented and how these may be applicable to a teaching context.

Ako SMART learning outcomes PLD

What are we going to learn? Writing SMART learning outcomes

Use Blooms Taxonomy to develop SMART learning outcomes for your own teaching context; develop and build on learner-centred teaching practices with outcomes that align with NZQA Level Descriptors.

Ako student centred learning PLD

Who’s got the map? Planning student-centred learning sessions

Work with other participants to plan a student-centred teaching and learning session that aims to meet a set of SMART learning outcomes.

Ako Group discussion

Culturally responsive questioning strategies

This workshop introduces a framework that embodies the teaching and learning practices of establishing a trusting learner environment through fostering whanaungatanga - the development of relationships by sharing experiences.

Clarifying boundaries PT

Clarifying boundaries in teacher-student relationships for safe practice

Examine the invisible boundaries between what’s personal and what’s professional in student and workplace relationships. Consider real-world dilemmas and develop strategies to recognise occurrences and respond professionally.

Engaging learners option 3

Keep learners engaged: plan great lessons online and offline

Plan an engaging, learner-centred session for either online or face-to-face learning environments, that aims to meet SMART learning outcomes. 

Taking that next step in your professional learning and development is easy with Ako Aotearoa. Everything we do is evidence-based. Everything you’ll learn is practical, high-quality, effective and sustainable.

We offer three main ways to learn and develop with us.

  1. In-house Learning and Development
    We can come to you to deliver in-house professional development. Contact us to discuss your needs and budget or download our in-house PLD flyer.
  2. Public Workshops
    Come to one of our half-day or full-day public workshops taking place throughout the year in different parts of the country.
  3. Online learning courses
    Our online courses use a combination of  synchronous and asynchronous, facilitated learning and incorporate time for practical application.