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Exploring Ako | Knowing your ākonga | 24 September 2024

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24 September 2024

12.00pm – 1.00pm

Exploring Ako series:
This workshop is a part of a series investigating six principles for enhancing learner outcomes in tertiary education.


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This workshop focuses on Principle 1, knowing your ākonga and the demands of the learning. As the foundation for effective teaching and for all six principles, this principle ensures learning remains accessible, relevant, targeted, and more likely to result in successful outcomes.

By the end of the workshop, kaiako will be able to:

  • consider the diverse backgrounds of ākonga
  • select tools, strategies and activities for identifying ākonga learning strengths and challenges
  • reflect on learning demands of their teaching context in relation to ākonga diversity

This workshop series is designed to support the aims of the Ako Aotearoa project Ako Explored – Six principles for enhancing learner outcomes in tertiary education

Exploring Ako workshop series

This online workshop is part of a series that investigates six key principles for enhancing learner outcomes in tertiary education.

Participants are welcome to attend any combination of overview and elective workshops. Attending the overview workshop first will assist in choosing from the following electives, but is not required.

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About the facilitator

Facilitator Jane Terrell

Jane is an independent educational facilitator with experience in a wide range of tertiary education and industry contexts.

She is dedicated to ensuring educational success for under-prepared ākonga groups underpinned by her commitment to “ako”, teaching and learning as a reciprocal process.

Digital badges

Kaiako will receive a digital badge for participation and will be strongly encouraged to participate in an ongoing Community of Practice to support implementation of the six principles, and reflect on their impact on successful outcomes for ākonga. 

Kaiako can receive a second digital badge, after at least three months, for providing evidence of the implementation of new principles and professional sharing of practices, and the impact of these on outcomes for ākonga.


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Ako Aotearoa and facilitator Jane Terrell

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