About the pathway

The Kiwi Lingo WordFit is a resource developed for learners who have English as a Second Language (ESL). It provides learners with an opportunity to explore, and check their knowledge of, New Zealand slang.

Educators are encouraged to support their learners in using this resource to become more familiar with typical New Zealand vocabulary.

Topics covered

The ‘Kiwi Lingo WordFit’ includes 100 words. Each module displays a set of five words at a time. The first screen tests the learner's existing knowledge using image and audio cues. Subsequent screens provide practice through a series of interactions that help the user learn unknown words. These include activities for reading, listening to and spelling the word, finding the meaning, and using the word in sentence.

How to register

To access the WordFit resource, visit the Pathways Awarua website and sign up as an Educator. Once registered and logged in, select the ‘Learner Pathways’ tile, and then the ‘WordFit’ tile.

Pathways Awarua regularly offer free webinars for educators to familiarise themselves with the learning platform.

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