Jean Crane

Award for Sustained Excellence in Tertiary Teaching

Tutor, Insight Learning Academy

" I work closely with them to support and encourage them as they each embark on their own wonderful journey of discovery."

Building on her extensive teaching and leadership experience in early childhood education in the Pacific, Jean has developed and led the delivery of the National Certificate in Early Childhood Education (Level 3) at the Insight Learning Academy since 2004. Most of her students have had little prior academic success, and Jean is extraordinarily effective in working closely with them to develop their confidence and learning skills. In many cases the students have gone on to achieve at levels they originally thought were well beyond their capabilities.

Jean is highly supportive of her colleagues and also works extensively with external service agencies for the benefit of her students and their communities. Jean relates how fortunate she is “to have had such rich and varied learning experiences throughout my life and how drawing on this knowledge and sharing these wonderful experiences with others has enabled me to assist students to catch the vision for their own lives and move on to realise their own potential”.

Jean won the New Zealand Association of Private Education Providers’ Tutor of the Year Award in 2008.