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RESOURCE SERIES | Tikanga Māori calendar

A resource prepared by Ngaroma Williams and Mary-Elizabeth Broadley.

Maramataka Piripi 2018 - Haratua 2019 – Tikanga Māori calendar (PDF, 10 MB, 28-pages).

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Pacific Tertiary Education Forum 2018

APSTE and Ako Aotearoa are proud to present the 2018 Pacific Tertiary Education Forum (PTEF), a fono for tertiary practitioners and stakeholders to talanoa (discuss) and create solutions to increase the successful outcomes of Pasifika in Aotearoa.

Conference, Workshop

Tuia Te Ako 2018

Ako Aotearoa is proud to co-host Tuia Te Ako 2018 with the Industry Training Organisations (ITOs) represented by Te Rautaki Whakarōpū Māori of the Industry Training Federation.

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Tō Mātou Hapori

pacific learners PLD pt


Educational practices that benefit Pacific learners – Hamilton

Learn how to support success for Pacific learners by changing the strategies used within whole organisations. Explore Pacific learner experiences and contexts in New Zealand tertiary education.

dyslexia PLD pt


Supporting adults with dyslexia in tertiary education and training: an introduction – Porirua

Get hands on exposure to the latest dyslexia screening tools; examine the additional challenges that learners face beyond phonological decoding and find out the latest thinking on Positive Dyslexia and some of the new technological aids. 

blended learning PLD pt


Engaging learners in a blended learning environment – Christchurch

Explore effective teaching strategies for positive face-to-face and online modes of learning. Learn to create experiences that enhance the quality of the learning environment. Examine a blended learning framework that enhances learner engagement and achievement.


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