Pathways to capability building

Presentation video and slides

View the recording of the presentation held at the TEC on 31 March 2021.

Overview of the presentation recording
  • 00:04 Developing capability in LLN education | Damon Whitten
  • 19:54 The whakapapa of the LLN infrastructure | Annette van Lamoen
  • 25:41 The challenges for learners and educators | Annette van Lamoen
  • 38:20 Supporting Māori cultural capabilities with educators | Mei Winitana
  • 46:31 Achieving equity for Pacific learners I Saylene Ulberg and Pale Sauni
  • 59:49 Tapatoru: Recognising, strengthening and rewarding practitioner capability | Graeme Smith

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Background information

In 2017 the TEC commissioned a review of sector adult literacy and numeracy teaching capability. 

In response to this the TEC funded Ako Aotearoa to:

1. develop a new Capability Building Model

2. design new Professional Learning and Development courses, which were tailored to individual needs

3. develop an Adult Literacy and Numeracy Effective Practice Model to give educators guidance in effective pedagogical practice

4. create the Tapatoru Ako Professional Practice Framework

5. develop a Māori Cultural Capability pathway and a Pacific Cultural Centredness pathway to help build educator cultural capability

6. prepare resources on learner agency

We discussed the current challenges for learners and educators in foundation education and our response to these at the presentation on 31 March 2021.

Further developments

As a follow-up from the presentation on 31 March 2021 Ako Aotearoa published a Context Review to provide an overview of national and international literature, policy documentation, and research findings.

Download a copy of the Context Review

A sector stakeholder meeting was held on 18 November 2021 to further discuss the pathways to capability building. Download a copy of the Discussion Paper.

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