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Culturally responsive approaches to learning and literacy

Embedding literacy and numeracy in a Māori context

He mana tō te kupu: Re-engaging Māori with literacy

Pasifika Learner Success - Cultural Capability Resources

Utilising Māori and Pacific pedagogies in literacy learning

Māori and Pasifika Literacy and Numeracy - Videos from He Taunga Waka Wānanga

Synthesis report | Success for Pasifika in tertiary education | Highlights from Ako Aotearoa supported research (2014)


Coffee break guides series - Engaging Pasifika Students (2012)


Addressing racial equity & justice in the tech sector for Pasifika learners in Aotearoa New Zealand (2024)

Building Phenomenal Educators as a Pacific Community of Learning Experience (2023)

Le Niu Project – Strengthening and supporting Pacific education pathways and communities (2023)

Weaving the mat | Data-informed initiatives to enhance Māori and Pacific Student Achievement (2022)

From Good to Great: The 10 Habits of phenomenal educators for Pacific learners (2021)

He Vaka Moana: Navigating the success of Maori & Pasifika students (2021)

Using LNAAT data to improve teaching, resources and achievement in numeracy education (2019)

Implementing and evaluating the Pasifika success toolkit within Canterbury tertiary organisations (2018)

The Higher Education Pacific Peer Review Quality Project (2018)

Youth cultural heritage empowerment programme (2018)

He Taunga Waka (2017)

Pacific learner success in workplace settings (2017)

Articulating and Implementing a Pedagogy of Success for Pacific Students in Tertiary Education (2017)

Change Strategies to enhance Pasifika Student Success at three Canterbury tertiary institutions (2015)

Motivation and engagement of Māori and Pacific Students at PTEs: Lessons for improved teaching and learning strategies (2015)

International Peer Review Benchmarking for Quality Higher Education (2015)

How to make a successful pre-trades course for Pacific learners (2014)

Targeted Learning Sessions to Enhance the Assessment Performance of First-Year Māori and Pasifika Students (2014)

Student-centred active learning with total physical involvement to enhance language acquisition (2014)

Huakina Mai: Doorways Toward Culturally Responsive Education (2013)

Pasifika learners and success in tertiary education (2013)

Successful Teaching and Learning Strategies for Māori, Pacific and Youth Learners (2012)

Holistic teaching and learning practices of Pacific PTEs (2012)

Engaging Pacific learners in literacy, numeracy and financial literacy (2012)

The Impact of Tertiary Education Strategies on Pacific Learning Success (2012)

Māori and Pasifika Apprentices and Relational Mentoring: A Success Story for The Skills Organisation (2012)

Developing an Authentic Samoan Lens (2011)

Supporting Pacific Peoples’ Participation in the New Zealand Horticulture Industry (2011)

Supporting workers from non-English speaking backgrounds in agriculture industry training (2011)

Pasifika Students: Supporting Academic Success through the Provision of Mentoring (2010)

Training Manual for Teachers Working with Pacific Students: Engaging Pacific Learners (2009)

Cultural confluence and capacity in training providers intending to work cross-culturally within Māori and Pasifika contexts (2008)

Culturally Relevant Peer Support for Māori and Pasifika Student Engagement, Retention and Success (2008)

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Supporting Pacific Learners

We deliver a variety of professional learning courses and workshops designed to help educators to support Pacific learner success. Explore our courses and register.

Pacific Tertiary Education Forum 2018

Conference Collection

Pacific Tertiary Education Forum | 2018

Videos and presentation slides from Ako Aotearoa's 2018 Pacific Tertiary Education Forum.