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This project explores the educational and life experiences of adult dyslexic learners in Aotearoa New Zealand, including compulsory school and tertiary studies.

It foregrounds the perspectives, resilience, and resourcefulness of adult dyslexics in their reflections on their educational journeys. Participants' advice for adult dyslexic learners and teachers of dyslexic students brings a significant contribution to national and international discussions on dyslexia.


To uncover the challenges and successes experienced by dyslexic learners in post-secondary/tertiary contexts, the study utilises qualitative approaches. This information informs educational policies and teaching practices to enhance diverse educational experiences.


Utilising qualitative methods, including surveys and one-to-one interviews, the study comprehensively explores the experiences of adult dyslexic learners across their lives. This approach facilitates the identification of common themes in the 5Rs of adult dyslexic learners.


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Dr Lesley Petersen

Project Co-lead

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Dr Linda Rowan

Project Co-lead

Independent Researcher


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$30,000.00 (excl GST)

$30,000.00 Ako Aotearoa


Gleaned from the project, findings highlight the multifaceted experiences of dyslexic learners. They emphasise the impact of negative prior learning experiences, the development of compensatory strategies, and key support mechanisms for enhancing the learning experience.


The project has the potential to influence policy and practice within the educational landscape of Aotearoa New Zealand. By amplifying the voices of dyslexic learners, it informs policymakers, educators, and stakeholders about their specific needs, leading to the development of more inclusive and supportive policies and practices within tertiary education institutions. Ultimately, this promotes the equitable access and success of dyslexic learners in the educational system.