Employers of staff who have dyslexia – Best Practice Guide

Supporting learners, Supporting staff, Workplace learning, Teaching strategies, Adult and community education
Published: 28 October 2018

A best practice guide to help support and teach adult learners with dyslexia.


Evaluating the effectiveness of support interventions for dyslexic learners in multiple learning environments

Want to know more about supporting and teaching adult learners with dyslexia? You're in luck. An Ako Aotearoa-supported project is exploring this topic, with findings and resources due out soon. 

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Ako Aotearoa’s
National Project Fund

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Primary ITO, The Skills Organisation, Capital Training, ServiceIQ, and Whitireia New Zealand

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Information and resources related to teaching adults with dyslexia. Covers topics such as what dyslexia is, how it can be identified, how it can affect people and what support can be put in place by educators.