Tailored workshops

What we offer

Here are some of the different ways we can work with you to develop tailored, in-house professional learning and development that brings maximum benefit to your staff, and ultimately to your learners.

  • Collaborative clusters: Groups of smaller organisations join together to gain benefits of our in-house offer.
  • Mixed packages: For one organization, with broader benefits to the region.
  • Structured calendars: One organisation schedules PLD throughout the year with a final impact evaluation workshop to close the loop.
  • Bulk purchase and coupon codes: Provides a no-fuss way for any organisation to book staff on our public workshops.

Benefits of bringing our PLD to your organisation

  • identify the learning and development needs of your teams and tailor programmes to suit
  • flexible timetables to suit your organisation
  • Integrate with your existing professional learning and development strategy 
  • increase efficiency with less time spent away from the workplace
  • positive impact at group, department, faculty or whole-organisation level
  • affordable pricing and favourable discounts
  • utilise networks.

Understanding the impact of our PLD in your organisation

Ako Aotearoa’s impact evaluation process helps participants and managers gain a better understanding of how our workshops are contributing to positive change at both practitioner and organisational levels and the benefit to learners.

We follow up with participants after they have attended a workshop with three key questions:

  • How have the staff attending this PLD incorporated the ideas into their work?
  • In what ways are the changes impacting on their learners? How do they know?
  • How is it contributing to department or wider organisational change?

Contact us

Talk to the Ako Aotearoa Sector Services Manager in your area to explore how we can support the Professional Learning and Development needs of your organisation.